Aluminium Doors

HC Aluminium commercial door systems are designed to handle the weight of taller and wider doors, specifically, for shopfront, high-rises, factories and restaurants with more impressive entrance ways.The patented aluminium pivot door systems carry the weight from top and bottom, rather than on traditional hinge, which remarkably enhance durability and stability of large commercial door. The high quality, pre-assembled pivot door and frame system is the ‘easy-to-install’ solution and is an appealing alternative to traditional hinges.

As an experienced and respected manufacturer of commercial door systems, we aim to meet and exceed our client’s expectations in every respect. Quality control procedures are applier at every point in the production process to ensure the best possible finish for your doors.

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Architectural Aluminium Pivot Door Heavy Duty Aluminium Pivot Door
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Stainless Steel Pivot Door Glass Pivot Door
Aluminium Sliding Door

Aluminium Doors

Aluminium had been developed over the years. As an abundant metal, its uses had been expanded and extended. The continued research for the uses of aluminium had reached the doorsteps of every home. Now, aluminium can be used as a raw material in making aluminium doors.
Aluminium companies had maximized the benefits they get from this silvery white metal which can be found in the earth’s crust. Commercial companies had started manufacturing aluminium doors as they prove to be popular among homes, business offices, stalls, and even shops. Aluminium is a pliable and durable metal which can be molded up to produce aluminium doors. Because of its thin layer of aluminium oxide, aluminium is resistant to corrosion. Its resistance to rusting makes it ideal for door frames.
Aluminium doors can withstand weather changes, even enduring the rainy season and frost. These metallic products are available in different types. They may be made to resemble the hinged up doors, bi fold doors, and even the sliding doors. Also, sizes of aluminium doors differ. Manufacturing companies offer these aluminium doors in sizes which will fit perfectly in our doorway.
If you are tired of seeing that old standard door in your door step, you may wish to drop by a commercial company offering aluminium doors. Designs and types differ that is why it is important to keep in mind the exterior as well as the interior of your house to help you decide which among the aluminium doors available will best suit your place.
Aluminium doors can fit perfectly to residential areas. But if you want to add up a touch of architectural taste to your home, you may want to stroll to an array of classy aluminium doors. Since there are already of companies offering these doors, it will not be difficult to find a shop that can fulfill your need for aluminium doors. However, for those who lack time to stroll along and enter commercial buildings, they can search the internet for a variety of aluminium doors. Different companies had build up their sites for an easy access for their customers.
A lot of aluminium doors had invaded the commercial market. It is important to select quality doors that can last for a long time. After all, doors, aluminium or not, offer the first line of defense in each person’s property.

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