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From Aug 2012, we only keep very limited stock on the floor. All sizes are make to order with best prices from our mill within 6 to 8 weeks lead time. Min orders 50kg.

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Aluminium Tube


Tubes are structural part of a passageway. Its diameter is measured by its outer part. Tubes are made up of different materials. Tubes can be plastic, ceramics or even metallic. Aluminium tubes are now accessible in the aluminium manufacturing business. With its many uses, Aluminium can now be used in making aluminium tubes for every construction needs.
Aluminium tube comes in various sizes to fit each individual’s requirements. They can be as short as 1” x 1 meter to as long as 70 mm x 1 meter. Outer diameter is the one which is being measured. For instance, aluminium tubes with 25 mm x 1 meter long have an outer diameter of 25 mm and a length of 1 meter. With their variation in sizes come the differences in their prices. Sizes are offered in differing lengths to allow versatility for every application you may need these aluminium tubes.
Manufacturing companies allow fittings of aluminium tube. Base fitting, bracket and cross over fitting are offered for customers of some companies. Thus, it provides the customers the freedom to choose which among the aluminium tubes to purchase. Aluminium tube fitting also allows the buyer to pick up designs and styles for the installment of the aluminium tube. Because fittings arte available in Manufactured from aluminium silicon magnesium alloy aluminium tube fittings are lighter and easier to handle. Also, aluminium tubes become easier to assemble.
An aluminium tube is great to use for frames and fabrications. Wheels and pulleys also utilize these metallic tubes. Because aluminium tube can easily be cut and drilled, with the roper equipment at hand, an aluminium tube can be welded easily. Because of its strength and its resilient properties, aluminium is a good material for making aluminium tubes.
Aluminium tube can be ordered from manufacturers of metallic products. Aluminium tube can also be bought online. There are online sites of aluminium manufacturing companies which provide an easy way in ordering products online. Some companies offer aluminium tubes in packs of 20’s or more. Prices vary according to the size of the tube. Just check our website and take your pick of aluminium tubes.