Aluminium Extrusions

HC Aluminium offer the widest range of sizes for aluminium extrusions available to the market for commercial projects. 

All orders require a manufacturing time of 6-8 weeks with a minimum order quantity of 50kg

Please note that from August 2012, we no longer keep stock in our warehouse.

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Aluminium Extrusions

Aluminium extrusions in the world of extrusion business had been widely popular. The benefits of aluminium over other types of metals make it the choice for the extrusion process. The advantage of aluminium extrusions is that the application can be corrosive resistant. This reduces the need for finishing touches which is a must when using other types of materials for extrusion.
Aluminium extrusions are offered in for different applications. Just where can you use aluminium extrusions? Applications of aluminium extrusions can be seen in the house, on the street, on bridges and even in the garage. Aluminium extrusions are applied over bridge constructions, appliances, buses, heat stinks, and even food display.
Aluminium can be extruded through hot aluminium extrusion or cold aluminum extrusion. In hot aluminum extrusion, the temperature must be above aluminium recrystalization temperature. This is important in keeping the aluminium from hardening and this also is required so the aluminium can be pushed through the die or the desired pattern with ease. The temperature required for aluminium extrusion ranges from 350 – 500 °C or 650 – 900 °F. Hot aluminium extrusions are recommended when dealing with the production of a huge amount or tons of extruded materials with just a minimal cost.
Aluminium extrusions done within or near room temperature is referred to as cold extrusion. Its advantages over hot extrusion include: 

  • Higher strength because of the cold working
  • Surface finishes that are good
  • Offers closer tolerances
  • There is lack of oxidation

Cases of fire extinguisher, shock absorber cylinders, gear banks and pistons of automotives are among the product examples of cold aluminium extrusion.
Though the extrusion process proves durability in its different applications, there are instances that aluminium extrusions can produce defective applications. When the surface of the extrusion cracks, extrusion splits build up. This results from improper temperature (whether too high or too low), too much application of friction or too much speed. With the high friction or cooling of the outer region of the material, a flaw pattern which can draw the surface oxides adds up impurities in the center of the product. This is referred to as a pipe. Lines must not be visible on any surface of the extruded profile. Surface lines may appear because of the hydraulic tensile stress building up at the center of the deformation zone. But overall, aluminium extrusions are still well known for different applications.