Aluminium Extrusion Profile

Steels and other stainless metals can be seen anywhere including your home. They can be seen in window sills, door frames, knobs, bridges, railings, decks and numerous other places. These metal products are commonly used for the construction of a building. Their profiles vary depending on where they must be placed or applied. Profiles undergo through the extrusion process of a desired type of metal or any other material such as plastics and ceramics. Each one of the profiles is intended for a specific use.

Aluminium is one of the most commonly used metals n the extrusion process. Because of its flexibility, different aluminium extrusion profiles can be made. Window frames, door frames, sliding doors, curtain walls and computer radiators has utilized aluminum extrusion profiles.

Aluminium extrusion profiles are molded from the extrusion process. Billets or logs which are round aluminium stocks are pressed and squeezed through a hollow profile. This gives the shape of the aluminium and allows it to form into a specific structure and shape. Aluminium extrusion profiles can be done through two different processes. The indirect extrusion is the process by which the die moves in stationary with the billet. The hollow ram is the one which moves in and forces the metal to through the hollow opening. This produces the cross sectional design known as the aluminum extruded profiles.

Direct extrusion, on the other hand, is an extrusion process which the log is forced though the die by the use of a ram or a screw. With the use of a stretcher, the aluminium profile can be straightened.

Aluminium extrusion profile is offered in the market by different manufacturing companies. The features of aluminum profile include its quality at a low costing price, and it comes in different size and styles. The styles and profile may vary depending on your need. Aluminium extrusion profile is important in construction and decoration industry because it is widely used in such set ups.

Aluminium extrusion profiles come in different patterns and sizes. Each of the profile is made to fit in your varying needs. In choosing an aluminium extrusion profile, keep in mind what you need and how you want it done. In this way, you will have little trouble choosing the right aluminum extrusion profile for any application you may want.